About Us

Hello, Nice to Meet you!

I'm Sarah

· I am the owner and the person behind all you see here at HazelWind! I’m fairly new to this journey but am loving all the fun new things I’m learning and overcoming on the way. Most recently I was in the Construction Industry and decided to take a shot at something I truly enjoy and have passion for.

· We are based out of Sioux Falls, SD and currently have product at Mulberry Market (Sioux Falls,SD) and soon to be Makers Exchange (Tea, SD), otherwise the majority of our product is all online including social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest).

· I am thankful for ALL of you and am looking forward to helping each one of you feel beautiful and confident in the clothing you wear.

· Fun Fact · Did you know that putting the right clothes on can improve your overall mood and boost your confidence and productivity? In recent studies of psychologists, it is believed that even when we are not presenting ourselves to the public, dressing up has the ability to greatly influence our mental health. (If that doesn't say BUY THE OUTFIT, I don't know what does)


Sarah Lynn